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Boundaries Skills 2 Hour Workshop

Boundaries Skills 2 Hour Workshop  June 24th 11:00 AM PST Zoom With Limited Tickets  Special Guest Collier and Terra lead this workshop working on your boundary skills.  -awareness of what type of boundaries you need in your life.  -boundaries with family  -boundaries in romantic relationships  -boundaries in the workplace  -boundary techniques  Q and A  $40

Dealing With Trauma In A Romantic Relationship

Dealing With Trauma In Romantic Relationships 2 Hour Workshop June 3rd 1PM PST Special Guest Zoom With Limited Tickets  Terra and Collier share their personal experiences with trauma and romantic relationships.  -Learning about your relationship patterns.  -Understanding your triggers.  -How to communicate your triggers.  -Q and A  $40

Terra Newell, thank you so much for your generosity and curiosity in wanting to help me on my healing journey. Your listening ear, your soft voice, and your kind presence allow me to feel safe to be myself and that I can open up and share my pain with people that understand and give the validation I longed for. Thank you so much for all that you do and for pairing up with Collier. It is a great match!  I’m looking forward to the upcoming workshop, lots of hard work but with easy fun people who enjoy life. Thanks again. Love you both. Lorraine Elizabeth Campbell (Heart emoji) 

Lorraine Elizabeth Campbell

Having the opportunity to have connected with Terra and Collier through social media and getting to know them has been a blessing in disguise for me. I can’t thank them enough for how kind and generous they’ve been with me. I just finished participating in their 5 week Moving Past Trauma Workshop and they both were so empathetic and compassionate. It was wonderful to finally feel seen, heard, and understood after never having experienced that truly in my life. I learned such valuable information and useful tips/tricks and tools to use to help me along my way in my journey to healing. I really urge anybody who is struggling on their journey to healing to consider taking part in this workshop. I truly believe it will change your life I know for certain it did mine. You won’t regret it. 

Danielle T.