No More Toxic Dating Workshop In May!

No More Toxic Dating 5 Week Workshop

About this event

Join Terra Newell’s 5 Week No More Toxic Dating Workshop!

Starts May 9th, 2022 at 3:00PM PST

Early bird price $125 ends April 15th 2022 USE CODE EARLYBIRD

Regular price $225

What does this 5 week dating workshop entail? 

-It will be about understanding your dating patterns.

-How to avoid not getting what you want in the relationship

-Avoiding self sabotage

-Having clear communication in dating 

-Learning about your attachment briefly 

-Avoiding avoidant people

-Loving Yourself 

-5 Live 60 minute zoom calls 

-Interactive or can just observe!

-Q and A 

-Weekly homework and videos to do on your own!

5 Live Call Dates 

May 5th 2022 3:00PM PST

May 16th 2022 3:00 PM PST

May 23rd 2022 4:00 PM PST

May 30th 2022 4:00 PM PST

June 6th 2022 4:00 PM PST

*Live calls will be recorded for your keepsake

Week 1 

-Intro to Workshop 

-Loving yourself first 

-Do you really know yourself? 

-Do you really know what you want?

-Mini glow up 


Week 2 

-Understanding relationship patterns 

-Understanding your relationship pattern 

-Deep dive into the past 

-Generational patterns

-Note to self

-Going into relationship traumas 

-Purging Relationship traumas 

Week 3 

-Understanding your nervous system with relationships 

-Cuddle hormone 

-Understanding your gut 

-Soulmate Guided Meditation

-How to fix a broken heart 

Week 4

-Red Flags 

-Understanding dating apps

-Boy Con list 

-Dating Boundaries 

-Letter to your ex


Week 5 

-How to tell if someone truly loves you 

-Skills for healthy romantic relationship

-Standing your ground with your boundaries 

-Aligning for what you want 

-Soulmate meditation 

Who is Terra?

Terra Newell has been called “one of the biggest bad asses of true crime.” She killed “dirty” John Meehan, a con-man and serial predator, in self-defense at age 25. Since then, she’s shared her dramatic story on global platforms to raise awareness around domestic abuse. She is the heroine of episode six of the ​Dirty John ​podcast and has been interviewed for ​Dateline, Dirty John: The Dirty Truth, Dr. Oz, The Skinny Confidential, KTLA a​nd numerous additional outlets. She’s currently working alongside criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards to pass laws against coercive control in the United States with one already passing one in California. Terra also loves to help others by coaching and advocating for victims.

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